HSE Visits to Manufacturers

The HSE has announced that it plans to visit manufacturing businesses during May – Sep 2021 that are using welding (of any type) or metal working fluids (water mixed) in their manufacturing processes.

Why are they doing this?

Occupational Lung Disease (OLD) causes the death of 12,000 people in Great Britain annually. There are 18,000 new cases of OLD per year that are caused or exacerbated by work and 400,000 working days are lost. OLD causes premature death, significantly impacts the quality of peoples’ lives and has a huge cost on the economy. Workers who develop asthma and/or lung disease through exposure to a substance at work often need to change career or fall-out of work all together.
Exposure to welding fume (both mild and stainless steel) can cause lung cancer and asthma.
Exposure to metalworking fluid can cause asthma and Occupational Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis (OHP) which can lead to permanent debilitating lung damage.

Will you be ready?

Contact your Cope advisor for further information and assistance.